RadioLink AT10 2.4GHz 10CH


  • 1. Dimension:18×9.5×22cm;
  • 2. Weight:0.95kg;
  • 3. Frequency:2.4GHz ISM band(2400MHz~2485MHz);
  • 4. Modulation mode:QSPK;
  • 5. Channel bandwidth:5.0MHz;
  • 6. Spread spectrum:DSSS;
  • 7. Adjacent channel rejection:>38dBM;
  • 8. Transmitter power:  <100mW(PCB testing) <20dBm(3 meter air testing);
  • 9. Operating Voltage:8.6~15V;
  • 10. Operating Current:<95mA;
  • 11. Control distance:800 meters ground;
  • 12. Channel:10 Channel8~10 channel are customizable;
  • 13. Compatible model: Include all 120 degree and 90 degree swashplate helicopterall fix wing and gliderfive flying model;
  • 14. Simulator model:under the simulator model the transmitter action turn offchange to power saving model;
  • 15. Screen:16 colorful screensize 78×52mm320*480 pixel.


  • Multiple function remote control systemincluding helicopterairplane and slider three type flying machine and five modelscover almost every popular modelyou can fly any model by this radio.
  • 3.5 inch colorful screen 320×480 resolutionclear display menu and graphs.
  • Great control distance: 1.1km on the ground2km in the sky.
  • Expansion feedback moduleusers can get plane details in real time.
  • Make very setting clear and exactly output result.
  • Fast response time only 3ms to the operationfaster then the other transmitter 20mseven ten channels also let you feel it.
  • High channel resolution reaches 40960.25us per resolution let all the servos keep tranquil.
  • Strong anti-jumpingDSSS(Direct sequence spread spectrum) technology.
  • Unbelievable pricehigh quality as supper blandand more exactlyfaster responsehigher resolutionone and the only one anti-jumping DSSS technology.really worthy to have it.

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