1 Channel Relay Module 30A with Optocoupler Isolation 5V Supports High and Low Triger (with Guide Rail)


Color: green
Supply voltage: 5V
Trigger mode: low trigger; high trigger
Load voltage: DC 30V or AC 250V
Load current: 30A
Relay life: more than 100,000 times

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with Guide Rail


1.The entire module layout is reasonable and beautiful. High-power relays to control the load up to 30A.
2.Each channel has optocoupler isolation, strong anti-interference ability.
3.Using SMD optocoupler isolation, driving ability, stable performance;the interface design of human nature, all interfaces are available through a direct connection terminal leads, very convenient.
4.In accordance with international safety standards, the control area and the load area have isolation slots.
5.Applied to PLC automation equipment control, industrial system control, Internet of things control, furniture intelligent control.


1 * 1 Channel Relay Module 30A with Optocoupler Isolation 5V  Supports High and Low Triger

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