12v TO 24V 10A DC To DC Step Up Converter Voltage Regulator


DC/DC Power Converter Regulator (STEP UP)

DC 12V to 24V (10A) (240W)

Input voltage: 12V DC

Output voltage: 24V DC

Input voltage range: 10 ~ 15V DC

Output current: 10A (max), 240W

Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C

Wire lengths: 150mm (6")

Construction: die-cast aluminum casing, Epoxy sealed potting

Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 32mm

Weight: 250g

Conversion Efficiency: greater than 85%

25 JD
28 JD
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25 JD 1+ units
26.6 JD 10+ units
25.2 JD 25+ units
23.8 JD 100+ units

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