3 inch LCD for Raspberry Pi 3


  • Type: TFT
  • Interface: SPI
  • Backlight: LED
  • Resolution: 400x240 (Pixel)


  • Support access Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 2-and B / B + / A +eliminating the need to buy bulky HDMI display.
  • 400x240 resolution for sharper display.
  • Provide for the Raspberry Pi convenient human-machine interfacewith the use of mobile powercan be DIY design anywhere.
  • Support Raspbian system that allows your system:
  • Support for video playback (MP4 and other formats)
  • Support for touch control camera (17 kinds of imaging mode)
  • Support soft keyboard (mouse and keyboard can also be controlled from the system)

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10.45 JD 10+ units
9.9 JD 25+ units
9.35 JD 100+ units

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