4 DOF Unassembled Acrylic Mechanical Arm Robot Manipulator Claw Kit Robot


  • Steering gear, expansion board development board, these are not equipped
  • Acrylic mechanics arm Robot 4 DOF arm arduino generated learning kit sg90
  • Product description
  • This is a classic 4 degree of freedom machine, inspired by industrial robots. The kit is suitable for guest space, college students, high school students. To control the robot, you can use arduino, 51 single chip, model remote control, etc.
  • The product is a non-assembled spare part.
  • Weight: 360g

Kit include:

  • A set of acrylic cutting pieces
  • A pack of screws

15 JD
0 in stock
15 JD 1+ units
14.25 JD 10+ units
13.5 JD 25+ units
12.75 JD 100+ units

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