40 Pin GPIO 2x20 Female Header 2.54mm


This 2x20 40 Pin Female Header gives you 2 rows of 20 female header pins all neatly spaced. This can be used to convert your Raspberry Pi 2, A+ or B+ GPIO pins from male to female so it's easy to plug wires into the board directly. Also commonly used to make your own Raspberry Pi extension boards as it mates perfectly with the Raspberry Pi's GPIO headers. Breadboard & Perfboard compatible.
Number of pins: 40
2 Rows x 20 columns
Spacing: 0.01" (2.54mm)
Receptacle style: square
Receptacle Depth: ~0.24" (6mm)
Can be used in conjunction with the supplied Male Header Pins 
Fully Tested on the Raspberry Pi Zero
Package Includes:
1 x 40 pin Female Header Extender

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