7.0'' Nextion Enhanced HMI Capacitive Touch Display With Enclosure


The 7.0'' enhanced Nextion HMI resistive/ capacitive touch display with an enclosure. Nextion screen is an upgraded LCD panel with more powerful features. There are two models: NX8048K070_011C and the NX8048K070_011R. The NX8048K070_011C is a powerful 7.0'' HMI TFT capacitive multi-touch display with enclosure, while the NX8048K070_011R is resistive touch panel with an enclosure. Both integrate with 32MB Flash data storage space, 1024 byte EEPROM, 8192 byte RAM, and with GPIO supported.

What Can Nextion Do?

During the process of embedded system design, one of the most annoying, time  consuming thing is the human machine interface design. You need a slick chart or  slick graph, quick page designs, you need resources stored for quick processing,  you will find the answer inside the amazing Nextion Products Line.

Nextion is optimized to meet your specific human machine interface needs using  open and standardized interfaces in hardware and software, which allows  efficient integration into your automation systems.

Man machine systems, Visualization, Humans Interaction, Cognition, Visual  perception, Machine intelligence, Cybernetics, even robotics, are just a few  examples, where HMI concepts play an important role.

What Value Can Nextion Bring?

As an embedded engineer, do you remember that old days when you design the human  machine interface for an embedded system? You have to spend weeks in low level  design.

Nextion is designed to work with minimal design effort as all of the data and  control signals are provided by the device to interface directly to the display.  This offers enormous advantage to the designer in development time and cost  saving and takes away all of the burden of low level design.

Nextion will help you quickly design visually in hours not weeks, turn long  coding work into simple drag and drop operation, at a reasonable cost. What you  only need, is interface a serial port to Nextion display hardware.

Demo speaks louder than words, here comes another video show you how quickly and  easily an application can be designed by dragging and dropping objections to the  virtual screen on a WYSIWYG design IDE-Nextion Editor.


Supports built-in RTC

Supports GPIO

SD Card interface: support max 32G Micro TF/SD card (FAT32 file format)

Flash data storage space: 32MB

EEPROM: 1024 bytes

RAM: 8192 bytes

Instruction buffer: 1024 bytes

Color: 65K (65536) colors

Resolution: 800×480 pixel

Adjustable Brightness: 0~230 nit- the interval of adjustment is 1%


Kit include:

Capacitive Multi-Touch Panel: NX8048K070_011R w/ Enclosure *1 

125 JD
0 in stock
125 JD 1+ units
118.75 JD 10+ units
112.5 JD 25+ units
106.25 JD 100+ units

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