8mm Endoscope Waterproof Inspection Camera USB Borescope IOS iPhone 3.5m


Can Direct connect with iPhone iPad.

HD960P resolution.

Can record video and take photo. Convenient observation and follow-up analysis.

Adjustable 8 LED lights to work in dark areas.

IP68 waterproof camera.

Equipped with adequate accessories, Hook, Magnet, which can adapt to a variety of environments.


Model: AN112

Lens diameter: 8.0mm

Resolution: 1280*960

Sensor size: 1/5 inch

View angle: 70°

Frame rate: 30fps

Focal distance: 5-10CM

Waterproof: IP68

Working temperature: 0°-70°C

Image format: MJPEG

Video format: MP4

Cable length: 3.5m


1) The lens does not auto-focus.

2) The best resolution distance is 5-10 cm. The resolution reduces when the distance is farther or closer.


This Camera works with iPhone only, can not works with android phones.

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