Dimmer Module 100W Switch Speed Regulation Module DIY Kit


PCB size: 2*3.3CM
Rated power: P=UI;100w=220V*0.45A
Model: 100w dimming module;
Rated power: 100 w;
Suitable for below 100W AC motor, the dimming light etc control (energy-saving lamps do not support);
PCB x1 piece
WH149-500k with switch potentiometer x1
potentiometer cap x1
DB3 bidirectional diode x1
2k resistance 0.25W x1
MAC97A6 x1
104 630V CBB capacitance x1
1 X 100W Dimmer Module with Switch Speed Regulation Module DIY Kit Components

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3 JD 1+ units
2.85 JD 10+ units
2.7 JD 25+ units
2.55 JD 100+ units

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