Futaba Servo S3003 Small Digital 360 Degree Full Rotation Hard Plastic Gear Servo Motor


This is a small servo motor with hard plastic gear. This small and lightweight servo comes with high output power. Thus, it is ideal for RC Airplane, Quadcopter, or Robotic Arms, etc. It is a digital servo motor that receives and processes PWM signals faster and better. This motor equips with sophisticated internal circuitry. This feature provides good torque, holding power, and faster updates. They are packed within a tight sturdy plastic case which makes them water and dust-resistant. So if your application requires stronger and long-running motors you can go with our new and improve S3003 servo motor.

  • Model : S3003
  • Operating voltage :  4.8V to 6V
  • Recommended voltage : 5V
  • Current range : 10mA
  • Stall torque : 3.1 kg/cm (4.8V)
  • Max stall torque : 4.2 kg/cm (6V)
  • Operating speed is 0.23s/60° (5V)
  • Gear type : Hard plastic gear
  • Rotation : 0° - 360°


Drones and RC planes

Security camera


Solar tracking and positioning


Hard plastic geared servo for more life

Stable and shockproof double ball bearing design

High-speed rotation for quick response

Fast control response

Kit include:

1 x S3003 360 Dig Metal Gear servo Motor

7 JD
Out of stock

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