LJC18A3-H-Z/BY PNP -10mm Capacitance proximity Sensor Switch NO C6-36V 300mA


ACCURACY OPERATING: Compared with general mechanical stroke switches, products have many advantages in these aspects, such as general stroke control, positioning accuracy, operating frequency, service life, convenience of installation.

WIDE MECHANISM RANNGE: When the metal detector is close to the sensing area of the switch, the switch can be contactless, pressure-free, spark-free, and quickly send out electrical instructions, accurately reflecting the position and range of the motion mechanism.

WITHOUT MECHANICAL: Inductive proximity switch is a position switch that can be operated without mechanical direct contact with moving parts. When an object approaches the sensing surface of the switch to the action distance, it can be operated without mechanical contact an.

FAST FREQUENCY RESPONSE: The proximity switch is a kind of on-off sensor (i.e. contactless switch). It has the characteristics of range switch and micro-switch, as well as sensing performance. It has reliable action, stable performance, fast frequency response, long application.

IDEAL ELECTRONIC SENSOR: Proximity switch, also known as contactless proximity switch, is an ideal electronic switch sensor.

Kit include:

1 x LJC18A3-H-Z/BY PNP -10mm Capacitance proximity Sensor Switch NO C6-36V 300mA

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