MK8 All Metal parts Extruder Kit for 1.75mm Filament


Upgrade Red MK8 All Metal Bowden Extruder Kit Left Side for 1.75mm Filament bulk parts

Product Name: MK8 Extruder Block
Product material: pure aluminum alloy
Surface treatment: oxidized blasting
Product color: red
Product features: optimized design, uniform foundation, flexible, adjustable

Installation process:

1. Place the bracket on the motor first, then place the gear on the motor shaft and fix the top wire on the motor shaft with a wrench.
2, put the square block on top, the white screw fixed motor
3. Fix the bearing with screws and fix it on the motor with screws

9 JD
2 in stock
9 JD 1+ units
14.25 JD 10+ units
13.5 JD 25+ units
12.75 JD 100+ units

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