New 450nm 40W Focal Adjustable High Power Laser


The Blue Laser Modual is designed for CNC mill. With 450nm wavelength, it is an effective tool for laser engraving and laser cutting. they can engrave and cut a variaty of materials.

Blue Laser Modual --- Professional laser head with high speed and high stability. Bright blue-violet light, easy for locating when engraving.
Adjustable Focuse --- Adjustable laser head, easy to adjust, ensure engraving with good quality and high efficiency.
Easy to Assemble --- Small and compact, Carving Material ---Wood, paper, leather, bamboo, plastic, rubber, alumina, stainless steel, copper,etc.

Effect Laser Power: 40W-Pro/30W-Std/20W-Basic (Optional)
Material: Aluminum Alloy+Plastic
Light Color: Blue-violet
Wave Length: 450nm
Facula Form: Punctiform, Adjustable Focus
Input Voltage: 12V 2A
Interface Parameter: Support TTL signal controls power
Item Size: 12*4*4cm
Package Size: 14*6.2*6.2cm
Item Weight: 300g

Package List:
1 * Laser Head


200 JD
0 in stock
200 JD 1+ units
190 JD 10+ units
180 JD 25+ units
170 JD 100+ units

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