PLC with 2DI,4AI(2*0/4-20mA and 2*PT100),2DO,2AO(0/4-20mA)


Product overview

ATC launched the product performance, stability, are leading the global industry with the world, has created numerous records of [the world] first, the follow-up will be performed with innovative concept to serve all sorts of different areas of application.

Product features

※ Creation of control programs in Function Block Diagram (FBD)or Ladder Diagram (LAD)

※ 4-Axis Synchronous Motion, 100 KHz PWM (Total 400KHz)

※ Able To Edit The Parameter Among The Controller Operation

※ Multiple AUTO-PI Synchronous Function

※ Multi-Lingual Display Menu

※ Enhance Password & Safety Function

※ Text Display Can Be Pre-Programmed in Two Languages

※ Built-in Standard High Frequency Counter (250KHz per Input, Total 1000KHz)

※ Built-in Standard Real Time Clock (RTC)

※ PC Program Can be Used For All A-61/52/62 Series

※ ATP2 Text Panel Can Plug & Play Directly

※ Built-in Standard RS-485 Port, Connect More Than 10000 IOs Via Remote IO Module

※ Memory Card Which Has Copy & Password Protection

※ Connect Encoder & Multi-Sensors Directly

※ Built-in Step Motor Driver, Connect Directly

※ Built-in Datalog Function, MicroSD Plug-in

※ Display Text Display Diversity Patterns, Scrolling Text, Bar Charts, Indicators ....

※ 104 FBD Integrated Functions, 97 LD Integrated Functions

※ Astronomical Clock Function

※ ATP2 Text Panel Built-in Function Key

※ Digital Oscilloscope Function, Real-Time Monitoring

※ High-Level Math Functions

※ Communication Protocol MODBUS RTU/ASCII & Multi Format

※ Block Name Define, Program Comment

※ Communication Baud Rate 921600 bps

※ Custom Truth Table, Without Logical Analysis

※ Multi Communication Parameter Function

※ Quick Calculation Of Nonlinear Equations

※ Random Generator Hardware

※ Free PC software “Edit"+ “Utility"

※ Output Over Current Protection (OCP)

※ Output Over Thermal Protection (OTP)

※ Output Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)

※ Independent Communication Port which can communicate with 255 units MODBUS devices synchronized

※ Built-in Current/Voltage/PT-100 Input + Current Output




Operation Voltage

10-30 VDC/24VAC


2DI(Isolation) (low:<2VDC/high:>4VDC)


2*Isolation(Transistor)2* 0/4~20mA(Current)

Continuous Current

Relay:5A (with resistive load), 2 A (with inductive load) / Transistor:1.75A(OCP/OTP/UVLO)

Output Operating Frequency

Relay:30HZ / Transistor:100KHZ

Input Operating Frequency

250KHZ(Total 1000KHz)

RTC/ Hold During Power Off


Operation Temperatur

-20℃ - +75℃

Communication Port

USB*1 & RS-485*1

Communication Baud Rat


Degree Of Protectio


Base Controller IO

12 IOs


35 mm DIN rail or Flush mountin

Dimension (W x H x D mm)


Communication Cabl






Kit include:

1 x A-5190

85 JD
In stock

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