Solid State Relay Module 5v 8-Channel High Level Trigger


The 8 channel solid state relay module is equipped with resistive fuse 240V 2A,5V low-level trigger, widely used in PLC control, home intelligent control and industry electronic.

Solid State Relay is a new kind of contactless switching device which is composed of all-solid-state electronic components. Compared with the electromagnetic relay, its reliability is higher, with the features of non-contact, long service life, fast and less outside interference.

What is high level and low level?

Triggered at a high level: when a forward voltage exists between signal triggering terminal (IN) and negative supply voltage. It generally connects positive supply voltage and triggering terminal together. When triggering terminal has a positive supply voltage or reaches triggering voltage, the relay will close.

Triggered at a low level: when the voltage between the signal triggering terminal and negative supply voltage is 0V, or the voltage at the triggering terminal is lower than the positive supply voltage. If it lowers to a triggering voltage, the relay will close. It generally connects negative supply voltage and triggering terminal together.


1.Input power supply: 5V DC (160MA).

2.Specification: ” State of 0-2.5V low-level relay ON;

State of 3-5V high-level relay OFF”.

3.Interface: ”DC+: connect to positive(according to the relay voltage supply) DC-: connect to negative CH relay module signal triggering side (high-level trigger active)”.

4.Trigger voltage: low-level 0-2.5V, high default 3.5-5V (in the case of voltage 12V trigger, you need a series resistance of a 5.1-6.8K before the trigger; 24V voltage trigger, you need a 15-22K resistor in series before the trigger, otherwise it will burn the chip).

5.Voltage: High or low voltage At Optional, the default low voltage.

6.Static current:0mA .


8.Trigger current:2mA.


10.Pack Size:110*55*25mm.

Size: 103*53*21mm/4.05*2.08*0.82"

The input power supply: 5V DC (160mA)

The input control signal voltage:

(0-2.5V low state relays ON)

(3.3-5V state high relay OFF)

2.54cm pin and blue KF301 terminals connected to the control line is more convenient

Module interface:

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