Sonoff Basic Wifi Wireless Smart Switch Timer Wall Wifi Switch 10A 90V-250V


ITEAD Sonoff Basic Wifi Wireless Smart Switch DIY Intelligent Timer Wall Wifi Switch 10A 90V-250V Support IOS Android Phone APP

Sonoff Basic WIFI Switch Smart Timer Wall Light Switch 10A/220V Via Android/IOS
Home automation is "The Internet of Things". The way that all of our devices and appliances will be networked together to provide us with a seamless control over all aspects of our home and more.
Sonoff is a low-cost, affordable device that help you to step into the amazing smart home.It is a WiFi wireless switch that can connect to appliance of different types and brands. Sonoff sends data to cloud platform through the WiFi Router, which enables you to remotely control all appliances with the App eWeLink on your smart phone. The server of Sonoff is AWS global server.
Sonoff makes all your home appliances smart, as long as your phone has network you can remotely turn on or turn off your appliances from anywhere at any time. And by setting timing schedules for your appliances, you can maintain a carefree life.
The App eWeLink enables you to control your devices easily. You can download the IOS version in App Store and the Android version in Google Play.
SONOFF Features:
Support WiFi network.
Support status tracking, home appliances status timely feedback to your App.
Support remotely turn on or off added devices.
Support Max 8 timing tasks for each added device.
Support numerous WiFi smart switches one smart phone.
Easy installation, easy handling and can be activated immediately and stably
-This sonoff switch dont have RF 433mzh remote control funcation!
How do Sonoff  Basic Work ? 
Sonoff  will send data to cloud platform through Wi-Fi Router, they pair with the Wi-Fi through the APP, thus you can control all added appliances and lights with your smart phone or tablet. 
APP Remote Control
As long as the phone has network(2G/3G/WiFi), you can remotely control all your devices. The APP supports
- Checking all devices status    
- Remotely turn on or off the devices    
- Setting maximum 8 timing schedules    
How to operate the APP?    
- Register and log in    
- Add devices(auto-search devices to be configured —select the device to be added—select the wifi to be paired with—configure)    
- Control devices(remote turn on/off, set timing schedules, check status, share devices)    
2 Ways to control Sonoff and Slampher    
You can control your Sonoff and Slampher by 2 ways: (1)by switch, (2)by the APP. No matter which way you use, the status are synchronous.    
To install Sonoff, pay attention to the IN and Out mark on Sonoff.
1. Switch off electricity source
2. Open the two yellow shells at both ends
3. Connect the two electricity source cables(Live and Neutral) to the 2 ports with “IN” mark, one cable for one port, and there’s no limitation for which port to connect.
4. Connect the two appliance cables(Live and Neutral) to the 2 ports with “OUT” mark, one cable for one port, and there’s no limitation for which port to connect
5. Cover the shells and screw firmly

SONOFF Basic Picture:
ITEAD WIFI SWITCH (7)11 (3)11 (2)
11 (1)

Kit include:

1 x Sonoff Basic Wifi Switch

12 JD
14 JD
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