TMC2130 V1.0 Stepper Motor Driver Module


TMC2130 V1.0 Stepper Motor Driver Module w/Heat Sink for 3D Printer  Development Board Module

TMC2130 V1.0 Stepper Motor Driver Module w/Heat Sink & Screwdriver For 3D Printer

1. The driver boards are hardware compatible with StepStick and Pololu A4988.
2. Two-phase stepper motor single-phase current 2A (peak 2.5A) motor operating currently adjustable
3. Support Step / DIR interface and SPI interface, two control methods
4. Combined with maximum efficiency and optimum motor torque without noise operation
5. High-precision sensorless motor load detection
6. To reduce energy consumption by 75%

Quantity 1 set
Material FR4
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions (6 cm x4.8 cm x 1 cm)
Weight (20 g)


* Due to different producing batches, product details might be a little different. If you minding the difference, please buy it carefully.
If the quality of the product is not good, please contact us directly. If you have any questions or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Kit include:

Package Included:
1 x TMC2130 Driver
1 x Heatsink

9 JD
In stock

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