Raspberry Pi course :

: محتوى الدورة

    1. Introduction to Raspberry
    2. Installation, configuration, accessories and other aspects (3 hours)
    3. Introduction to Python
    4. Introduction to programming in Python on the Raspberry Pi (3 hours)
    5. A complete example in Python
    6. Raspberry Pi GPIO module for external connections 
    7. Hardware basics and using the GPIO (3 hours)
    8. OpencV install and compile (3 hours)
    9. OpenCV Image Processing Basics
    10. Object Detection (Build object follower robot)
    11. Face Detection using OpenCV (6 hours)
    12. Home Automation (Control and monitor sensors from web) (3 hours)
    13. Home Automation (Control and monitor sensors Using bluetooth) (3 hours)
    14. Introduction, installation Windows 10 Iot Core
    15. Introduction to C# 
    16. Introduction to programming in C# on the Raspberry Pi (3 hours)
    17. Record video and capture image 
    18. Smart Security System (send an email when motion detect) (3 hours)  — at Mikroelectron.
    Raspberry Pi course course mikroelectron amman jordan

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