Wireless Communication & Sensors Network :

 :وتشمل الدورة الجانب النظري والتطبيق العملي في المواضيع التالية
  1. Pic Microcontroller.
  2. Wireless solutions and their applications.
  3. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications.
  4. Programing GSM using AT Command.
  5. Sending and Receiving (SMS) via Microcontroller and Laptop.
  6. Make a call via Microcontroller and laptop.
  7. SMS Control applications.
  8. Bluetooth interfacing with Microcontroller.
  9. Control your home devices using your smart phone.
  10. Build your Smart Home system using (Zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM).
  11. Wireless Sensor Network: technology, protocols, and applications.
  12. ZigBee communication system.
  13. Send and Receive data via ZigBee communication.
  14. Interfacing between PC and Microcontroller via ZigBee with point-to-point tropology.
  15. Microcontroller point-to-point network via ZigBee.
  16. Point-to-Multipoint network.
  17. GSM based home security system to get intrusion alerts like door, windows open alerts onto your cell phone.
  18. Real-time Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile Robot.
  19. Antitheft System using motion Sensor and Zigbee.
  20. Multi-sensor (Smoke, Fire, Temperature, Motion, LDR,) Based Smart Home – Zigbee.
  21. An On-line Monitoring System of Temperature and Motion sensors on GSM, SMS, Zigbee and Bluetooth. 
  22. Remote-controlled Smart Home with Zigbee Sensor Network.
  23. Zigbee for Building Control Wireless Sensor Networks.
  24. Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Applications in Industry.
  25. Zigbee based Gas Leak Detection and Data Monitoring System
  26. GPS and Tracking System.
  27. Wi-Fi communication system for control of home appliances using android application  — at Mikroelectron.
Wireless Communication & Sensors Network course mikroelectron amman jordan

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