0-150mm Plastic Digital Display Vernier Caliper


6 Inch 150mm  Composite Digital Electronic Caliper Ruler

Brand: Raitool
Material: Glass Fiber
Measuring Range: 0-150mm/0-6"
Resolution: 0.1mm/0.01"
Repeatability: 0.1mm/0.01"
Operating Temperature: 0℃- +40℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃- +70℃
Maximum Measuring Speed: 1.5m/sec, 60"/sec
Power: SR44/LR44 1.5V Battery
Display: LCD Display

Fine adjustment roller allows precise measurements to be taken quikly and easily.
Digital selection button enables readings to be displayed in either metric or imperial format.
An ideal tool for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications.

1. before using the digital caliper, clean the surface of the protective sticker with dry and clean cloth(or soaked with cleaning oil).
2. Never apply voltage on any part of digital caliper or engrave with an electroprobe for fear of damaging the electronic.
3. Take out the battery or turn off its switch if digital caliper will stay idle for long time.

Package Included:
1x Digital Caliper
2x SR44/LR44 1.5V Battery

9.5 JD
12 JD
In stock

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