0-24V Top Mosfet Button IRF520 MOS Driver Module


0-24VTop Mosfet Button IRF520 MOS Driver Module For Arduino MCU ARM Raspberry pi

First, the product parameters
Dimensions: 33 * 24mm
Weight: 10g
Voltage: 3.3V, 5V
Ports: Digital Level
Output load voltage: 0-24V
Output load current: <5A (1A or more need to add heat sink)
Platform: Arduino, MCU, ARM, Raspberry Pi
Second, product characteristics
Using original IRF520 power MOS, you can adjust the output PWM
Arduino drive up to 24V allows loads such as LED lights, dc motor, micro pumps, solenoid valves
PWM dimming LED can be used to achieve stepless dimming, variable speed motor
Note: The driver must be installed more than 1A of load heatsink


Kit include:

1 x  Top Mosfet IRF520

2.25 JD
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