10/100 Mbp Passive POE DC Power Over Ethernet


1.To achieve best performance of a Wireless LAN, the location of  Access Point(AP) must be carefully chosen.In most cases, finding  a power supply for AP is a common obstacle.
2.Power over Ethernet(PoE) technology provides the ideal power  solution to help overcome these obstacles.In Ethernet, four pairs  of C5 or C5E twisted pairs are used as the medium for ransmission.
The actual data transmission, however,only takes up 4-pairs of wires  (pairs 1-8). PoE technology utilizesthe remaining pairs(pairs 4-5 and  7-8 to conduct electricity.
1.Product Name:POE Injector / Splitter
2.Data PIN:1/2,3/6
3.Power PIN:4/5+ & 7/8-
4.Data in:Connects PC/HUB/Switch
5.Dimensions: 50mm*25mm*25mm
6.Case of material: ABS 94V-0
7.Ethernet Data rate:10/100 Mbp
8.Ethernet Cable:TIA/EIA 568 Cat.5
9.Ethernet Cable Connector: RJ-45
10.Operating Temperature:0 - 40 Degree
11.Storage Temperature: -40 - 70 Degree
12.Operating Humidity : 10% to 80% RH
13.Storage Humidity: 5% to 90% RH
Note this one is for 10M/100M,without adapter, with out earthnet and power connectiong cables.
Package include
1 X 10/100 Mbp RJ45 POE Adapter

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