100W Digital DC-DC High Power Adjustable Step-up Module


100W Digital Step-up Power Supply Module DC-DC high power adjustable 3.0~35V with digital tube LED display voltmeter Converter


  1. In+:  Input positive
  2. In-:  Input negative
  3. Out+:  Output positive
  4. Out-:  Output negative
  5. weight: 35g
  6. Dimensions:  67 *42 *18mm(length*width* height)
  7. Display color:   Red
  8. Input voltage: 3.5 - 30V
  9. Output power:  100W maximum{Note: according to the law of conservation of power, computation under the condition of rated output current: Vin*Iin*efficiency =Vout*Iout (Vin: input voltage, Iin: input current)}
  10. Output voltage: 3.5v - 30v (step-up mode, the input must be less than or equal to the output voltage)
  11. Input current:  6A (maximum 10A)
  12. Voltage meter accuracy: ± (5 ‰ +1 digit)
  13. Static power consumption: Typical about 15mA(With the input voltage, output voltage and the color is closely related to the digital pipe. The actual current there is a deviation  )

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