10pcs NFC Smart Tags Ntag203


10 Colors and 10 Pcs for different place application!

High quality Ntag203 chip! REwritable ,NDEF format!!

137 bytes, Support  ALL the Android smart phone!!


Achieved by simply setting as long as your mobile phone touch the NFC label, that can keep the mobile phone to be automatic action the tasks, For example:set up the alarm clock, send text messages, open the Bluetooth, switch mode, open the web page, Open music, Close Bluetooth, share business card... still have a lot of interesting things waiting for you!!


NFC Chip: Ntag203

Capacity:137 bytes

Specification: 39*39mm

Working frequency: 13.5 MHZ

Reading and writing distance: 0 to 5 cm

Reading and writing time: 1 to 2 ms

Working temperature: 20  to 55 degree , humidity of 90%

Erase times : > 100000 times

Data  storage:> 10 years

Warranty: 100% test before send out

Packing: 10pcs

7 JD
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