12V 1-Channel Relay Module Double-Ended Terminal


1. Using high quality relay, interface Maximum load: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A

2. Using high-power High Dielectric Strength triode 2907A, with good driving ability, stable performance; trigger current: 5mA

3. Operating voltage 12V

4. Relay low level pull, module with current limiting resistor, low level can be GND, MCU I / O port is set low

5. Fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is off, the relay will not work

6, Power indicator (red), 1 relay status indicator (blue)

7. Interface design user-friendly, all interfaces can connect directly leads to

8. Module size: 4.8cm * 2.6cm * 2.0cm (L * W * H)

9. Four fixed bolt hole for installation

Relay Module Interface

The module control terminal(3-wire interface with terminal blocks)

1. VCC/DC+: DC power positive electrode

2. GND/DC-: DC power negative electrode

3. CL1: relay control interface, low level corresponding relay pull.

The relay module outputs(3-wire interface with terminal blocks)

1. NO: Relay normally open contacts;

2. COM: Relay common contact;

3. NC: Relay normally closed contacts.

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