145 Pcs SMD Capacitors Assorted Box Kit,10 Values 0.47uF ~ 470uF SMD Electrolytic Capacitors Assortment Kit


  • High Quality SMD Electrolytic Capacitors Assortment Kit
  • Type: Electrolytic Capacitor;Capacitance Tolerance : +/-20%;
  • Rated Capacitance: 0.47uF~ 470uF(According to the model change);Rated Voltage:50V ~ 16V (According to the model change)
  • Package Quantity:145 pcs;Capacitance Model: 0.47uF ~ 470uF (0.47uF, 1uF, 2.2uF, 4.7uF, 10uF, 22uF, 47uF, 100uF, 220uF, 470uF)
  • Usage: can be used in computer, PC, notebook, radio, TV, etc.

10 Values 0.47uF ~ 470uF SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Assortment Kit

Type: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Capacitance: 0.47uF ~ 470uF
Capacitance Tolerance : +/-20%;
Rated Voltage : 50V ~ 16V (According to the model change)
Color: Silver Tone, Black
Usage: can be used in computer, PC, notebook, radio, TV, etc.

Package Included:
List :Capacitance----------Size(D x L)--------------Voltage---------------Quantity
01) 0.47 uF---------------------4x5.4 mm-------------50V--------------------20 pcs
02) 1 uF-------------------------4x5.4 mm-------------50V--------------------20 pcs
03) 2.2 uF----------------------4x5.4 mm-------------50V--------------------20 pcs
04) 4.7uF-----------------------4x5.4 mm-------------50V--------------------20 pcs
05) 10 uF-----------------------5x5.4 mm-------------50V--------------------20 pcs
06) 22 uF----------------------6.3x5.4 mm-----------50V--------------------10 pcs
07) 47 uF----------------------6.3x7.7 mm-----------50V--------------------10 pcs
08) 100 uF--------------------6.3x7.7 mm-----------35V--------------------10 pcs
09) 220 uF--------------------6.3x7.7 mm-----------16V--------------------10 pcs
10) 470 uF-------------------10x10.5 mm------------25V--------------------5 pcs
Package Quantity:Total 145 pcs with plastic box;

This assortment box electrolytic capacitors includes 10 different value. It is easy to find all in one small box you need them ,which saves time.

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