18650 3.7V LI-ION RECHARGEABLE BATTERY 4800MAH not real UP TO 4.2V (18650)


Product specifications

Rated capacity: 800mAh to 4800mAh

Rated voltage: 3.7 V

Cutting voltage: 2.75 V

Dimensions: 64.7 mm (H) x 18.2 mm (D)

Lock: ≤ 100m Ω:

Load cutting voltage: 4.2 V

Charging ambient temperature: 0 to 45℃;

Discharge ambient temperature: -40 to 60℃

Current: Standard 0.5C, 1C fast charging

Charging time: standard 3 hours, fast 2 hours:

Certificate of approval: CE Rohes MSDS Bis UL PSE


THIS  4800mah non-actual written capacity 

Kit include:

1 *18650 BATTERY  

3.5 JD
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