2.8" SPI TFT LCD Display Touch Panel 240X320 with PCB 5V/3.3V STM32


  • Product Description:
    100% brand new and high quality
    Type: touch panel
    Size:2.8" SPI Serial
    Display area:36.72(W)X48.96(H)mm
    Size:8.5 x 4.8cm
    Driver element: a-Si TFT active matrix
    Pixel arrangement: RGB vertical stripe
    Driver IC: ILI9341
    Backlight: White LED
    Viewing Direction: 6 o'clock
    Color Depth: 262K/65K
    Resolution (dots): 240RGB*320Dots
    5V compatible, use with 3.3V or 5V logic
    Need at least 4 IOs from your MCU

    Package included:
    1*240X320 Resolution 2.8" SPI TFT LCD Display Touch Panel


If you are using this LCD with a 5V device such as an Arduino, be aware that it doesn't work if WITHOUT level shifting to 3.3v logic. Please use level shifters from 5V to 3.3V, it will work then.

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