2 DOF Short Pan And Tilt Servos Bracket


  • Aluminium Matte Coat Pan and Tilt for horizontal surfaceunassembled
  • Using two servos (MG995 or HS322HS422HitecParallaxFutabaetc 40×20×36mm servo)
  • Servo bracket used in the shoulders and knees or other joint of humanoid robotsbiped robots etc.
  • Can plant a camera or IR sensor for Robot
  • The Kit comes with hardware(bearing and screws kit) and NOT include servos

Note: This pakage comes without servos 

11 JD
7 in stock
11 JD 1+ units
9.5 JD 10+ units
9 JD 25+ units
8.5 JD 100+ units

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