21700 QSP Li-NMC Battery Hohm Run 3.6V 3309 mAh


The 21700 Hohm Run by Hohm Tech is the ideal battery for performances and cloud chasing. With a continued discharge current of 39.1 A, it can reach up to 56.4 in pulse. The coil limit is 0.09 Ω and can be used with an ideal power of 112 watts and a maximum of 142 watts.

The Hohm Tech benefits with the innovative chemical QSP (''Quad Stripping Process'' Li-NMC with a manganese, lithium, and cobalt base and a capacity of 2023 mAh.

The Hohm Tech batteries have undergone extensive testing are reputed for their reliability. The useful info for the vaper are indicated on the protective sheath of the battery, maximum power, limited value of the coil, etc…

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