22 AWG Flexible Silicone Wire and Cable 5 colors in a Box Kit


Model: Soft high temperature silicone wire

Rated voltage: 600V

Temperature range: -60°C~+200°C

Manufacturing Country/Region: China

Insulation: Flexible environmentally friendly silicone

Applications: RC, remote control, new energy batteries, various electronic connections, etc. (widely used)

Diameter of each copper wire: 0.08mm

Conductor material: tinned copper wire

Size range: 22AWG

Conductor type: stranded copper wire

Certification: UL, RoHS, VW-1, CSA FT1

The super soft silicone cable can be used almost unlimitedly!

Very suitable for various DIY electrical and hobby projects! The highly durable tinned copper wire has a durable environmentally friendly silicone sheath, high temperature resistance of 200°, and cold resistance of -60°.

The total length of the wire: 50 meters (combination of 5 colors, 10 meters for each color) 

Length of each axis:

Diligent Ant: Color No. 1 (red, black, yellow, blue, green)

Diligent Ant: Color No. 2 (white, brown, gray, orange, purple)

 Length 50 meters: 22AWG each axis 10 meters 


Flexible silicone wire 22 AWG

Temperature: -60 degrees to 200 degrees-

Diameter of each copper wire: 0.08mm

Grain: 60 strands (0.3 mm2)

Outer diameter: 1.70mm 

Kit include:

1 x Flexible Silicone Wire and Cable 5 colors in a Box Kit

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