25GA-370 DC Motor 1.6KG 12V 130RPM 4mm Shaft


JGA25-370 130RPM Geared DC Motor for DIY Projects and Car Kits - 12VDC

This is a high torque geared DC motor with a geared-down output shaft. It consist of a DC motor with metal geared transmission bolted onto it. It is capable of delivering high amount of torque for your various needs; It is ideal in situations that require a relative high amount of torque without the precision of a stepper motor such as: opening the door or window mechanism, small winch, DIY kits, etc..

Voltage: 12VDC 
Current: 60mA 
Diameter: 25mm 
Shaft length: 9.5mm 
Shaft diameter: 4mm       

10 JD
In stock

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