280pcs 1W Zener Diode Kit


They are the basic common electronic components that can meet the basic circuit requirements and play a very important role in circuit design and experiment.

It contains different values which is especially suitable for occasions where the demand is small but there are many experimental items.


Product name: 280pcs 1W Zener Diode Kits   

Product type:28-Kinds

The total number:280pcs

 Work Temperature:-40℃~80℃

Work Humidity:10%~90%RH

Box Size:145*90*35mm


Design and experiment circuit

Beginner circuit learning

Laboratory electronic experiment

DIY design

Repair and replacement circuit

Kit include:

1W Zener diode:

1N4728A(3V3) 1N4729A(3V6) 1N4730A(3V9) 1N4731A(4V3) 1N4732A(4V7) 1N4733A(5V1) 1N4734A(5V6) 1N4735A(6V2) 1N4736A(6V8) 1N4737A(7V5) 1N4738A(8V2) 1N4739A(9V1) 1N4740A(10V) 1N4741A(11V) 1N4742A(12V) 1N4743A(13V) 1N4744A(15V) 1N4745A(16V) 1N4746A(18V) 1N4747A(20V) 1N4749A(24V) 1N4750A(27V) 1N4751A(30V) 1N4752A(33V) 1N4753A(36V) 1N4754A(39V) 1N4755A(43V) 1N4756A(47V)

10pcs each 280pcs total

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