3 Channel Relay Module Shield Smart Home for Raspberry Pi


Perfect for simple home-automation projects, this module allows your Raspberry Pi to control three independent relays, allowing you to easily control high-current loads while keeping your Pi safely isolated. All the necessary driver circuitry is on-board, and control is as simple as driving a GPIO pin high or low. Relays can be easily disconnected from their corresponding GPIO by removing an on-board jumper, allowing you to free-up unused channels for other purposes. Standoffs are included to help secure the module to your Pi.

To get you started, we have a simple python script that you can download (must have internet connection):

curl -L http://coreelec.io/34 >> relay-test.py

Then run it with 

python relay-test.py

You should see the relays sequence on then off.

Tech Specs:

  • Relay contacts: SPDT
  • Relay contact rating: 10A (30VDC / 250VAC)
  • CH1: GPIO 26
  • CH2: GPIO 20
  • CH3: GPIO 21

25 JD
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