3 in 1 HDMI to Mini HDMI Micro HDMI 1.5M Cable


1. 24K gold-plated plug dust cover protection, HDMI / M / 19P-HDMI / M / 19P, plug and play, signal transmission stability;
2. all-copper conductor material, 14 + a core wire;
3. the signal uses 125% dedicated shielded twisted aluminum foil, high-density outer braid shield;
4. full support 720,1080i, 1080P and 2Kx4K other digital signal formats;,
5 Length: 1.5M,
6. add MINI HDMI Male to HDMI Female 1PCS
7. MICRO HDMI Male to HDMI Female 1PCS
8. Work for Computer, the PS3 / XBOX, BD, high-definition blu-ray machine player, digital TV, plasma TV, LCD TV, plasma TV, projector, camera, DV camera, on cable TV box, AV processor, audio, DVD players, monitors, video games and so on.


3 in 1_33 in 1_43 in 1_53 in 1_63 in 1_73 in 1_93 in 1_103 in 1_1


Kit include:

1* 3 in1 Mini and Micro HDMI adapter

4.5 JD
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