32 in 1 Precision screwdriver set with tweezers JM-8189A


8 type 30 pcs of H4*28mm precision repair CR-V screwdriver bits, wide range of applications. Detailed and comprehensive.

Hanging screwdriver design in the inner box, easy to choose at a glance.

Whole new box texture, 300°rotating housing provides you with the convenience of maintenance and disassembly.

Approx. 220.8g light net weight, size 145*115*27mm, lightweight and portable.

30 pcs CR-V nickel-plated material screwdriver bits
Hex: H1.5 H2.0 H3.0 H4.0
Drilling: T6H T8H T10H T15H
Tri-wing: Y0.8 Y2.0 Y2.5 Y3.0
Phillips: 1.0 1.5*2 2.0 2.5
Flat-head (Slotted): 1.5*2 2.0 2.5*2
Torx: T1 T2 T4
Triangle: 2.0 3.0
SIM PIN: 0.8
U-Shaped: U2.6
Stand off (Motherboard philips): 1.5

Screwdriver handle (magnetic connector)*1
T2-15 tweezers*1


30 pcs of H4*28mm precision repair screwdriver bits, detailed and comprehensive: Using CNC turning and milling high-precision machining, the screwdriver bits and the screw bite more closely, and it is not easy to damage the screw.
8 types & 30 models, wide range of applications: Compatible with various screw bits commonly used in precision maintenance.
Easily cope with various maintenance scenarios: It is not only suitable for electronic products with precise structures such as mobile phones, game controllers, cameras, etc., but also common small objects in daily life such as glasses, children’s toys, and small fans can also be easily repaired.
360° free rotating cap, flexible and convenient: The screwdriver tail cap can be rotated flexibly to fit tightly in the palm of your hand when using, so it can be operated steadily and consistently with one hand.
300° rotating housing: Provides you with the convenience of maintenance and disassembly while also adding a beautiful view to your desktop.
Whole new box texture: The curved flowing design on the box avoids the entire surface of the box to contact the desktop, which not only reduces friction, but also protects the box body neat and tidy.
Easy to choose at a glance: The box is fully unfolded, and the bits and handle are in a 90° vertical position. Easy to see the screwdriver bits at a glance, easy to choose and does not occupy space.
Lightweight and portable: Approx. 220.8g light net weight, size 145*115*27mm. Small size, narrow and lightweight, which can be grasped with one hand.

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