340pcs M3 (3mm) A2 Stainless Hexagon Screws With Hex Nuts Assortment Kit


340pcs M3 (3mm) A2 Stainless Steel ISO7380 Button Head Allen Bolts Hexagon Socket Screws With Hex Nuts Assortment Kit

Product Name: 340Pcs M3 A2 Head Hex Screws
Model: 506010
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Box Size: 125x65x22mm(LxWxH)
Screws Sizes And Quantity:
M3*5mm 20Pcs
M3*6mm 20Pcs
M3*8mm 20Pcs
M3*10mm 20Pcs
M3*12mm 20Pcs
M3*14mm 20Pcs
M3*16mm 20Pcs
M3*18mm 20Pcs
M3*20mm 20Pcs
Hex Nut 160Pcs

Kit include:

1 x Screws Set With Box (340Pcs)

12 JD
Out of stock

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