4 Channel Relay Module 30A with Optocoupler Isolation 5V Supports High and Low Triger


Electrical parameters:
Supply voltage: DC 5V.
Quiescent current: 5mA.
Maximum operating current: 190mA.
Trigger mode: High / Low Level Trigger.
Load voltage: DC 30V / AC 250V.
Load current: 30A.
Module life: 10 million times.
Switch the maximum frequency: ≤ 5KHz.
Product weight: 385g.
Size: 129 x 72x22 mm (LxWxH).
Mounting hole size: 126.5 x 69.5 (LxW).

شرح :

Trigger voltage range:
High-level trigger:
DC 3.3-5V relay on;
DC 0-2.5V relay off;
Low-level trigger:
DC 0-2V relay on;
DC 3-5V relay off;

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