433MHz ASK RF Module kit (RF transmitter STX882+ RF receiver SRX882)


Product Description

STX882 is a ASK transmitter module with small size, ultra high power, low harmonics. With high stability, it can be achieved at 50mW power when the voltage is 3.6V, it is the maximum transmitter power module under the the same voltage in the market. Data port of the module can be connected to the microcontroller directly, make wireless product development and production more convenient.


-Frequency Range: 433MHz / 315 MHz

-ASK modulation mode

-Small volume low self radiation

-High-power long-range

-Frequency stability

-Various international testing standards

Pin Definition:

1: ANT, Antenna Input

2: DATA, Data Input

3: VCC, Connect Power Positive

4: GND, Connect Power Ground

Pin Definition:

1: ANT, Connect 50 Ohm Antenna

2: GND, Connect Power Ground

3: VCC, Connect Power Positive

4: CS, Modules Enable Pin, Floating or Connected to High Level Work, Sleep When Connect Ground

5: DATA, Data Input

6: GND, Connect Power Ground

7: ANT, Connect 50 Ohm Antenna


  • 433MHz 100 Meters Wireless Module 

Kit include:

  • 1pc x  ASK transmitter module STX882
  • 1pc x ASK receiver module SRX882
  • 2pcs x nickel-plated spring antennas

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