4A 2S Lithium Battery Protection Board


Charging voltage: DC 8.4-9V
Single consumption of batteries: ≤ 6uA
Maximum continuous discharge current: 4A
Overcharge protection: overcharge detection voltage: 4.275V ± 0.025V
                      Overcharge detection delay time: 150-500ms
                      Overcharge recovery voltage: 4.075V ± 0.025V
Over discharge protection: over discharge detection voltage: 2.50V ± 0.1V
                      Overdischarge detection delay time: 50-150ms
                      Over discharge recovery voltage: 2.9V ± 0.1V
Overcurrent protection: overcurrent detection voltage: 150 ± 30mv
                     Overcurrent detection current: 3A ± 0.5A
                     Overcurrent detection delay time: 5-15ms
                     Automatic recovery status
Short circuit protection: Detection status: External short circuit
                    Detection delay time: ≤500us
                    Automatic recovery status
Internal resistance: protection line: ≤ 25mΩ
-40 ~ 50 Celsius
Size: 36.1*8.0*2.0mm

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