50mm Piezo Ceramic Element Buzzer


100% pure copper,which are widely used electric cars and other electric!

   piezoelectric ceramic is composed of piezoeectric ceramic and metal combation,load resonant cavity , with excited oscillation circuit can make beautiful sounds,widely used in electronic doorbell,household applances,alarm and so on ,has small volume,light weight,good quality,low consumption,log life and other advantages,has a shell buzzer,still can use environmental protection materials. 


Diameter: 50mm copper (see photo) 

Thickness: 3.36mm

Model: piezoelectric buzzer piece

Electrical Characteristics:

Resonent Frequency: 10+/-0.5KHZ

Resonent Impedance: 100R MAX

The Static Capacitance: 8000pf plus or minus 30%

Sound pressnre level: 85DB 10cm

The input voltage: 30vp-p max

Operating Temprature: -20~70

Storage Temperature: -30-80

Material identification: Brass

Kit include:

1 x 50mm Piezo Ceramic Element Buzzer 

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