55PCS Quick Two-Port Press Test CH-2 250V Connector Kit (Plastic Box)


Stop using traditional wire joint connectors with screw fittings to lock wires because you’re always afraid of missing the screws while working with them. Here are the brand-new, high-quality spring-locking Quick connectors. This connector’s wire connection is screwless, which speeds up assembly and makes connections and disconnections easier.

The connector is built with a pressed steel spring strip, an isolated ABS plastic lever to press, and a mounting hole in the middle.

With a current rating of 5 to 10A, it is suitable for motors, electrical connections, household appliances, lighting connections, and wire joints and has a temperature rating of -20 to 120oC.

This Orange Quick Two-Port Butt Press 2pin 250V Connector Kit includes 55 two-point connectors in a plastic box to keep it organised on your workbench and use and reuse it.


  • High-Quality ABS insulated Body Material
  • Good Temperature Resistance and Long Life
  • Can be used up to 10A AC Application
  • Steel contact material
  • Connector Type: 2 pin
  • Suitable for 20 to 12 AWG cable
  • Plastic storage container Box

    1. The shell is made from high standard flame retardant engineering plastic, practical and long service life
    2. With a good-quality steel clamp pin of good elasticity and good conductive copper core, connectors can serve their purpose well
    3. Fast wire connection operation without drilling screw holes speeds up the wiring process, quite convenient
    4. Connect the live wire to the part with l sign, and neutral wire to the part with n sign, the sign is clearly visible
    5. There are 55 quick connectors and you can replace joints and electrical taping with these connectors
    6. The connectors can be reused and stored in a plastic box provided.

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