5DOF Robot hand/five fingers/Metal manipulator arm/Mini bionic right hand


Metal manipulator/arm/holder

1). It used  5 servos to drive, each finger can move flexible.

2) .It's structure with occasional updates, may have small differences with picture, kind prevail.


Size chart:(MM)





  • The micro servo working voltage 5-6V,if you use 7.4V battery must buck power supply.
  • Control protocal: 0.5ms-2.5ms for servo 0-180 degree. Note no breaking bounds&no blocking
  • This item hand is a mini hand.


Kit include:

1*Right hand ( installed)

110 JD
130 JD
1 in stock
110 JD 1+ units
104.5 JD 10+ units
99 JD 25+ units
93.5 JD 100+ units

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