5V to 3.3V for DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Buck Module AMS1117 800MA


    1.Boost modules or buck module indicate the operating voltage, Please don't exceed operating voltage , or it will be damaged easily !

    2.Boost module output voltage can only be greater than or equal to input voltage, cannot be less than the input voltage!

    3.Buck module input voltage must be higher than output voltage of 1.5V or 2V, otherwise it can not output enough power!

    4.Automatic Adjustable Boost or Buck module has start voltage and limit working voltage, Please don't exceed them , or it will be damaged easily !

    5.Cannot reverse polarity , or it will be short circuit, or will be  born easily !


    Size:8.6mm x 12.33mm

    Input voltage: For DC 4.2 V-10 V

    Output: 3.3 V, 800 mA

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