7.4 11.1V LiPO Lithium Battery Charger


LK-1008A 2-3S 1000mA Intelligent Digital LED Indication Lipo Battery Balance Charger System For Rc Models Diy Spare Parts (Color:Blue)

1.Fit for: 2-3S LIPO Battery.
2.Battery indicator lights, car cut off Detachable crocodile clips for input Safe and reliable direct current.
3.Over charge protection, Short circuit protection.

Item Name: Lipo battery balance charger
Color: blue
Material: ABS
Input voltage:11-15V
Input current:2000mAh
Output current: 800mAh
Lipo battery:2-3S
Weight: 39 g

Package information:
Package size:90 * 63* 27mm
Package weight: 50g
General bag package


1.Replacement for Charger Cable Patch Cords Set.

2.Cut off mode: accuracy up to 0.01V, intelligent automatic voltage detection.

3.Rechargeable battery type: 7.4V and 11.1V lithium ion and lithium polymer.

4.Durable and has a long life, made of high quality materials.

5.Convenient for you to charge the battery.

Kit include:1 x Lipo battery balance charger

12 JD
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12 JD 1+ units
11.4 JD 10+ units
10.8 JD 25+ units
10.2 JD 100+ units

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