7 in 1 Temp ORP EC TDS Salinity S.G PH Meter - C600


7 in 1 PH/TDS/EC/ORP/Salinity /S. G/Temperature Meter C-600 is the latest multi-functional water quality tester developed in 2020, with 7 functions and one product for multiple uses. It can measure PH / TDS / EC / ORP / seawater specific gravity / temperature. The measurement range is large and wide, and can measure fresh water salinity and sea salt. It is suitable for home, swimming pool, drinking water, and amazing digital water quality monitor for aquarium.

Function parameter: 1. EC: Range: 0-10000us/cm , 10.01- 19.99mS/cm , 20.1400.0mS/cm (Convert range automatically) Resolution: 1uS/cm; 0.1mS/CM; Accuracy: ±2% F.S.

2. TDS: Range: 0-10000ppm, 10.1- 200.0ppt (Convert range automatically) Resolution: 1ppm; 0.1ppt Accuracy: ±2% F.S.

3. Salinity: Range: 0-10000ppm , 10.1-200.0ppt , 0.01%-25.00% Resolution: 1ppm; 0.1ppt; 0.01% Accuracy: ±2%FS. 0.01-5.00% (±0.1%): 5.1-25.0% (±1%)

4.pH: Range: 0.01-14.00рH Resolution: 0.01pH Accuracy: ±0.05

5. ORP: Range:±999mv Resolution: 1mv Accuracy:±2mv 5. S.G:1.000 -1.222

Product Specifications: Waterproof Level:IP67

Temperature: ATC 0-60°

Operation Environment: 0-60.0℃ ( 32.0-140°F ) ; RH 100%

TDS Factor : 0.5 Temperature Range : 0.1-60.0C 32.0-140°

Temperature Accuracy : ±0.5 Temperature Resolution:0.1°C/°F

Automatic Shut-off :5 minutes

Display: LCD digital display

Backlight: Backlight Available

Attention: Clean the electrode after using

Battery:3*1.5V (LR44 )(Not included)

Screen Size: 33*24mm

Dimension Weight:183*37*37mm(7.2*1.5*1.5in)/90g(3.2oz) 

Q : Does the package deliver calibration objects? A: Please note that the package only distributes 3 packs of PH calibration powder. Other calibration liquids need to be purchased by you. The products have been calibrated before leaving the factory, and you can use them directly.

TROUBLESHOOTING pH Reset 1.Shut-off meter. press HOLD/TEMP and MODE/CAL simultaneously, don't release;

2.Press ON/OFF and release all buttons, reset is finish.

P-3 model reset 1.Put battery out press TEMP/CAL and HOLD simultaneously. don't release;

2. Put battery on, and release all buttons, reset is finish

Attention 1.It has been calibrated by factory, use it directly;

2.After finished, clean the electrode with pure water and keep it dry

3.Stir gently several times to ensure no air bubble around the electrode;

4.Don't disassemble the meter without permission to avoid damage;

5. Keep it dry.

Calibration : 1.EC:Recognize solution automatically ( 1413us/cm, 12.88mS/cm , 111.8m5/cm) --f the meter can't identify the solution, change the electrode or contact supplier

2.pH: One point or two points or three points automatically------If the meter can't identify the solution, chare the electrode or contact supplier

3.Noted:Always clean the electrode after use If the pH calibration cannot identify the solution, the electrode is broken

Kit include:

1 x 7 in 1 tester

1 x Manual in English

3 X Ph Buffer Power

49 JD
In stock

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