709A 3.2Kw Spot Welding Machine with Soldering Pen


The machine is a combination of battery spot welding and circuit board soldering, which makes your work more flexible and convenient.

Fixed welding head can achieve the fast welding of battery pack.

Equipped with handheld soldering pen and movable pulse spot welding pen for flexible use.

Foot pedal switch ensures accurate welding and reliable welding spots.

Adjustable welding needle pressure and welding current, suitable for welding different thickness of workpiece.

LED lighting function for accurate spot welding in low brightness environment.

Application: Welding of rechargeable battery and button battery; Repair, production and assembly of lithium battery pack and power bank; Welding of stainless steel, iron, nickel and other hardware accessories.


Model: 709A

Spot welder part:

Input voltage: AC 110/220V

Plug type: EU plug

Power: 3.2KW (instantaneous)

Spot welding current: 50~800A

2 pulse time: 1-10ms (adjustable)

4 pulse time: 2-20ms (adjustable)

8 pulse time: 8-80ms (adjustable)

Fixed head spot welding range: 0.05~0.35mm

Spot welding pen welding range: 0.05~0.2mm

For Soldering iron part:

Temperature: 150-450℃

Accuracy: ±5℃

Output voltage: 20VDC

Temperature rise time: 6-8s (to 300 ℃)

For Spot welding pen part:

Welding spot pitch: 2-7mm (adjustable)

Welding cable sectional area: 16mm2


Kit include:

1 * Spot Welder

1 * User Manual

1 * Spot Welding Pen

1 * Soldering Iron Pen

1 * Soldering Iron Stand

1 * Foot Switch

1 * 6S 18650 Battery Clamp

1 * Hex Wrench

2 * Fuse

4 * Welding Needle for Fixed Welding Head

2 * Welding Needle for S

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