ALS-PT19 Analog Light Sensor Module


ALS-PT19 Analog Light Sensor Module High Dynamic Range Light Sensor Breakout Board For Arduino 2.5V-5.5V Light UV Sensor Module

1. Wide detection range: This product uses to detect the 240-370nm photodiode UV light range, covering UVB and most UVA spectra.
2. UV Sensor: This product has a true UV sensor instead of a calibrated light sensor, so you can convert the voltage to UV index by dividing the output voltage by 0.1V. However, the UV LED on this product is 400nm. Do not use it if it is outside the range of this sensor.
3. Signal Amplification: The signal level of the photodiode is very small and at the nano-amp level, so this product amplifies the op amplifier to amplify the signal to a more manageable voltage level.
4. Less Power Consumption: This product only needs + 2.5V-5.5V power supply to supply power. When the sensor detects more light, the voltage will increase.
5. Simple Operation: This product is easy to operate, it just does one thing and provides analog voltage output without a complicated I2C setup program.
1. This sensor allows you to update projects that use photovoltaic cells and is RoHS compliant. Due to the high rejection ratio of infrared radiation, the spectral sensitivity of the ambient light sensor is close to the spectral sensitivity of the human eye.
2. This sensor is much simpler than our Si1145 splitter because it only does one thing and provides analog voltage output without the need for complex I2C setup. This makes it better for simple projects.
Color: Blue

Kit include:

1 x Light Sensor

7 JD
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