AWM3300V Industrial Air Flow Sensor ORIGINAL (MADE IN USA)


The AWM3300V from Honeywell is a microbridge mass air flow/amplified sensor. The microbridge structure provides a sensitive and fast response to the flow and direction of air or other gas over the chip and provides a proportional output voltage. This is an amplifed version that can be used to increase the gain and to introduce voltage offsets to the sensor output. The on-board heater control circuit are also available. Typical applications include damper control for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, gas analyzers, low vacuum control, process control, medical respirators and ventilators, oxygen concentrators, leak detection equipment, vent hoods, anesthesia control, gas metering, gas chromatography.


  • Signal conditioning: Amplified
  • Flow/pressure range: +1000 sccm (1.0 SLPM)
  • Output voltage at the calibration point: 5.0 V DC at 1000 sccm (1.0 SLPM)
  • Connection type: Straight
  • Zero offset for temperature changes: ±25.0 mV DC
  • Output offset for changes in temperature: ±5% of measuring range
  • Flow rate change: 5.0 SLPM/s
  • Repeatability: ±1% of measuring range
  • Zero offset: 1 V DC to 0.10 V DC
  • Response time: 1 ms typical/3 ms max.
  • Supply voltage: 8.0 V DC min., 10.0 V DC typical, 15.0 V DC max.
  • System pressure: 25 psi
  • Power consumption: 50 mW typical, 60 mW max.
  • Operating temperature: -25 - 85°C
  • Media compatibility: dry gas only
  • Shock: max. 10 g (5 impacts in 6 axis directions)



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