Adjustable 12-50V 30A 1500W DC Motor Speed Control Switch PWM HHO RC Controller


Wide range of operating voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 50V, max. power: 1500W. 
A good speed controller for DC brush motors. 
4 power tubes, high-frequency capacitance and 30A ceramic fuse are used in the module. 
With 200mm white cable, potentiometer for adjustment and start/stop/brake switch. 
Metal case creates better durability; max. power of 1500W and small noise. 
Suitable for applications like fans, etc. providing nice adjustment of motor speed. 

1. This speed controller is applicable to DC brush motor, not the DC brushless motor; it can't be used as voltage . 
2. It should be connected with DC voltage, don't connect with AC voltage(e.g. 220V AC). 
3. The anode and the cathode of DC power cannot be connected reversely, otherwise the controller will be damaged. 
4. When running direction is inconsistent with your desire, you can change it by adjusting the linear order. 
5. Potentiometer switch can change the output duty cycle of controller and then change the motor speed. 

Operating Voltage: DC 12V-50V 
Rated Current: 30A 
Control Power: Max. 1500W  
Speed Control Range: 0% -100%  
PWM Frequency: 21KHz  
Item Size: 110 * 76 * 35mm / 4.33 * 3 * 1.4in 
Item Weight: 212g / 7.48oz  

Package included: 
1 x DC Motor Speed Controller  

16 JD
In stock

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